What Bed Bug Treatment Option Is Available In Indianapolis?

What Bed Bug Treatment Option Is Available In Indianapolis?


Bed bugs are incredibly annoying. They might not be dangerous, but they can still cause a lot of problems. Even worse is the fact that they’re very difficult to eliminate. You’ll be foolish, if you mistakenly believe that you’re going to be able to eliminate these bugs on your home. You might get lucky, but you’ll probably waste a significant amount of time and money. It is usually best to speak with a professional exterminator to learn about the best bed bug treatment Indianapolis has to offer. So, what is the best treatment option in Indianapolis? You’ll find out below.


In the past, pesticides were the number one solution for bedbugs. These sprays were very effective and capable of taking care of the problem rapidly. Plus, they were very inexpensive. Things have changed during the past few years. Chemical sprays are still very inexpensive. However, they’re not nearly as effective as they once were. Bedbugs have actually evolved and developed tougher shells. This means that they’re capable of resisting the sprays. Choosing a chemical treatment is going to be a long and grueling process. With that being said, there are better options out there.


It may also be possible to eliminate bedbugs by freezing them. Freezing is capable of killing the bugs and their eggs on direct contact. This is a good option for people who want a chemical free solution. Just remember that this method isn’t perfect either. After all, direct contact with the bug and egg is essential for the freezing to be effective. Nevertheless, it is true that freezing is far safer than chemicals. With this in mind, freezing is a slightly better option, but it is still not the best.


It should also be known that steam can actually be used to eliminate bedbugs. Steam is a good option for numerous reasons. First and foremost, it is completely safe for you and your family members. It is a solution that is free of dangerous chemicals. It has some downside too. The steam must come in direct contact with the bedbugs to eliminate them. On top of that, the steam can leave behind moisture that could damage your home in the long run. Steam is a good option, but it is not the best bed bug treatment Indianapolis residents could choose.

Heat Treatment

Finally, you should know that you can kill bedbugs using heat. Heat works exceptionally well and it offers tons of benefits. First and foremost, the heat is completely safe for you and your family members. It won’t even bother your pets. Heat machines are brought into the home to increase the room’s temperature. Once a certain temperature is achieved, the bedbugs will actually start to die. This solution does not use any chemicals whatsoever. And, your home will return to a normal temperature pretty quickly.

The only downside is that you might have to clean up the dead bugs when you return home. However, if you choose the right exterminator, they’ll go ahead and take care of this problem for you.


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