Keep Your Dog Happy And Healthy On A Road Trip To Indianapolis

With all the new pet friendly attractions and accommodations in Indianapolis it really is wonder that more and more pet owners are packing up their furry friends and hitting the great open road. Not only are there tons of amazing and exciting things to keep your dog entertained in Indiana, but you can easily keep yourself entertained as well. However, a road trip with your four-legged friend might not be as simple as putting him in the car and hitting the road.

Take A Few Practice Runs

Some dogs don’t like the car rides, because they associate them the first time they came home or visits to the vet. However, you can change this by taking them on occasional car rides before your big trip. Start at least several months in advance and start taking your pet on a ride as often as you can. This will show him that the vehicle can actually be associated with fun activities as well. Not only will this help your pet associate car ride with better memories, but also it will get them familiar with the whole process.

Proper Feeding And Watering Schedule

When you dog is at home it is highly likely that he probably has access to food and water around the clock. In fact, you might have him on a schedule where he is used to eating and getting snacks at a regular time. Dogs actually get used to these scheduled feedings and some of them have what is known as an internal time clock. When you are traveling it is highly likely that this schedule will get interrupted, which can throw your pet off. Try to schedule stops around your pet’s regular feeding times so that you can feed him as close to his normal schedule as possible.

Always Pack A Pet Safety Kit

It is safe to assume that you have a first aid kit in the car, a spare tire, flashlight, and tire iron. Well, you should apply the same concept to your pet. Make sure that you put together or purchase a pet safety kit before your trip and store it somewhere convenient in the car. Many online pet stores sell these items already assembled with most of the necessities, but you can purchase your very own items and build your own kit.

Frequent Bathroom Breaks

Unlike traveling with infants and toddlers, you must stop every two to three hours to let your dog use the bathroom. This is not the case with small children who wear diapers and pull-ups. While some dogs will alert you when they need to go to the bathrooms, others tend to hold it for as long as needed. It is up to you to keep your dog comfortable throughout your Indianapolis road trip. And, you can do just that by allowing them to take a bathroom break every few hours.

Updated Vaccine Record

Another great way to protect your dog from illnesses, during an extended road trip is to make sure their vaccine record is up-to-date. Check with your veterinarian several weeks before the start of your vacation. This will give you plenty of time to take your dog to the vet. An up-to-date vaccine record will also come in handy, in the event your dog is involved in an accident or requires medical attention, while you are on the road. Be sure to keep the document is a safe and accessible location, so you will have it if ever needed.

Know The Leash Laws

Most cities, states and countries have established leash laws for dogs. This means that you will only be permitted to let your dog out of your vehicle, when he or she is wearing a leash. These laws are designed to protect the public from potential dog bites. They also help protect dogs, especially those that are not properly trained. If your dog is accustomed to running off every chance he gets, the leash will give you full control.